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8 Tips To Great Blog Posts

Blogging can be an essential component of any RV dealersihp’s social media strategy… but sometimes coming up with great posts and getting yourself into the groove can be a difficult process. Here are eight great tips to help you find your way to writing great blog posts:

1.) Make a working list of ideas. Take some uninterrupted time to sit down and start compiling a list of blog topics, ideas for photos or videos and anything else that comes to mind. Even if an idea seems a little off base or silly now, it may be just the things to spur a genius post in the future – don’t immediately discount any of your ideas. Plus, having a big running list of topics makes it easy to get started each time you sit down to write.

2.) Jot down ideas and notes. Whether you keep a little notebook handy or just type little ideas into your phone’s notepad, make sure that you are always on the look out for ideas you can use on your blog. But, most importantly don’t forget to jot them down!

3.) Make (and keep) a calendar. Creating and maintaining a schedule for your blog posts is one of the easiest and most effective strategies you can use when you start writing. Plan out when you want blog posts to go out and coordinate a corresponding time to sit down and write the post. If you have extra time you can always use it to get ahead of schedule and crank out a few posts in advance.

4.) Make it conversational. Nobody likes reading technical journals and most people lose interest when a writer drones on. Write your blog posts as if you were talking to one of your customers or even better one of your friends. Make each post conversational and interesting to read.

5.) Use relevant titles. Sometimes the only thing people will read is the title of your posts – so make them good. Imagine scanning through a blog full of articles, you’re only going to pick out the ones that sound interesting (based on the title). Your customers are going to be doing the same thing. So get creative and keep your titles relevant to what you’re writing about.

6.) Add photos. Everyone loves a good photo, especially when it corresponds to or breaks up what you’re writing about. Seeing a page full of text can be daunting to some readers, use the photos you post to draw them into what you have to say.

7.) Use lists. Using lists in your writing makes it easy to quickly read through a post as well as easy to follow. You’ll notice that list formats are widely use across the web as well as in all different types of publications. Use this time tested technique to draw attention and make your posts stand out even more.

8.) Edit yourself. Every now and again a missing comma or misspelled word will slip through when you publish a post, but truly take measures to prevent as many errors as possible. Write your post, run spell check, read through it a time or two and if you have someone you trust, have them read it too!

Happy writing!

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Quick RV blogging tips

RV blogging ideas list

Jeff Bullas has a very helpful blog post about blogging: “90 Tips To Make Your Blog Rock“.  Who can’t use a few good blog tips?!  We’ve combed the list and pulled our favorite five tips for RV dealers:

Write about industry news – whats happening this week, this month

What’s going on in the RV world?  What products are new and exciting — what got your goat at RVIA this year?  LOVE Jayco’s new Skylark?  Are products leaning towards green technology?  Are there great new solar panel options?  Keep your readers up-to-date on the RV industry!

Find out about your customers Pain Points – Write posts that provide solutions for your customers problems

Is storage a tough one for people in your area?  Talk about where customers can find reliable RV storage.  Do people have constant problems with hookups?  Be the expert and provide free tips and tricks.

Develop a series of how to blog posts

Think how to do everything camping (set up, cook a meal, clean up) or how to pick the perfect RV for your family, or how to install those new exciting solar panels!

Make the blog easy to find on your company’s web page with a large banner or button

Don’t let your blog hide away — write about interesting things and feature your blog front and center!

Add the Twitter feeds application using the Tweets add on in the same section this will promote your blog posts when you tweet them

Create a synergy between your different social media efforts.  Use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog and vice versa!

There is MUCH more — make sure to check out the complete list!

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Spice up your blog!

Top 10 RV blogging tips

Building a blog for your RV dealership is one of the best ways to reaching out to potential customers on the social web.  A blog is a terrific platform for sharing your RV expertise, soliciting questions (and providing answers!), keeping customers updated on events, and building content you can use elsewhere (think Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, discussion boards).  However, writing regularly on your blog is a tough commitment (consistent writing is a must) and coming up with topics day after day (week after week) can be a challenge.

Not to fear!  That’s entirely why is here!  Today, we’ve stumbled on a list of 69 Secret Tips To Make Your Blog Rock from Jeff Bullas.  We’ve scoured his list and have pulled out our favorite 10 tips for RV dealership blogging:

  • Write about industry News – whats happening this week, this month
  • Find out about your customers Pain Points – Write posts that provide solutions for your customers problems
  • Publish content on what not to do! – highlighting where something hasn’t worked (the names shall remain anonymous of course)
  • Subscribe to the top industry blogs in your market, both company blogs and personal blogs for ideas
  • Sign up other staff to write on topics in your industry or market that they are passionate about
  • When you have a great idea, go straight to your “add new” button and write the headline and save it as a draft or write it down before you forget it.
  • Run polls and surveys on your blog
  • Make the blog easy to find on your company’s web page with a large banner or button
  • Comment on other blogs and news articles to show your thinking/expertise, but also link people back to your blog
  • Link to your blog on your Facebook fan page

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