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Facebook and you.

Over the last few years we have written post after post about why you should use social media. But if you get down to the brass tacks, what is it your dealership really wants? You want to reach a larger audience and get more people walking in your door while spending less money to do so, right? Is this possible? Quite simply, yes; all through the help of Facebook.

While it may seem as if it is a trend that is going to fade, Facebook is one of the leading social networks in the business. It is available to and utilized by the huge audiences as it attracts people from as young as sixth grade to my 78-year-old grandmother. This makes it an especially convenient tool for those with a business, big or small, to get their name out there.

Facebook has made it so there is a greater guarantee that your dealership will create more traffic flow than any other marketing medium. How does it make this guarantee? Well not only are you easier to find in the world of Facebook, you also have immediate word of mouth whenever you receive virtual foot traffic. It is as if you had a videotape of John Doe entering your dealership and then you were able to send it out to all of his closest friends and relatives, showing that he trusts you. When Mr. Doe visits your Facebook page and likes a comment or product, his Facebook friends see that interaction and you have immediately planted that seed in their brain. So the next time they are looking for your product they remember that their good friend John trusts your dealership, and maybe they will drop by your Facebook page, or even better, your dealership!

This is where YOU come in.  Your dealership is important and you have an opportunity to get your name out there through social mediums like Facebook. Facebook reaches a large portion of the public that you may have never been able to interact with before. Social media has made it possible for dealerships of all sizes to get “face time” and allows for more interaction with your soon-to-be customers.

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