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Twitter Dictionary



Noun /ˈtwitər/

A social media tool (or micro blog) that allows you to share thoughts in 140 characters or less.

Twitter is a great marketing tool for dealers to interact with their customers!


Noun /ˈhandl/

Username on Twitter.

Use your dealership name for your handle!


Noun /twēt/

An update on Twitter; 140 characters or less!

Don’t forget to tweet about all your upcoming sales events.

Retweet (RT)

Noun /ri’twēt/

Shows that you are tweeting something that was posted by another user.

Retweeting your customer’s tweets about your dealership on Twitter is a good way to get free publicity.


Verb /ˈfāv(ə)rit/

An action on Twitter that allows you to display other users’ tweets that you like.

We love to “favorite” any tweets about camping and RVing!


Verb /riˈplī/

Responding to a fellow Twitter users tweet.

When customers reply to our tweets on Twitter it enables us to get a better idea of what they are thinking.


Noun /at/

The symbol used to direct a tweet towards another user, or replying to an update by using @ and then the twitter handle.

@RVSocialMedia loves when dealers adventure out to the Twitosphere!


Verb /ˈfälō/

Shows who you have subscribed to.

You follow @HuebnerPetersen? So do we!


Noun /ˈfälōər/

Someone who subscribes to see your updates.

Make sure you follow @RVSocialMedia on Twitter to get our updates.


Noun /haSH’tag/

A way of organizing your tweet with like tweets within the twitter search engine.

Go search for #camping to see which other Twitter users enjoyed their RV this weekend!

Direct message

Noun /diˈrekt’mesij/

A function on Twitter that allows you to send a private message to another user.

A direct message is a good way to share confidential information like promotional codes.


Noun /ˈprōˌfīl/

The page that shows your bio, who you follow, who follows you, and displays all of your past tweets.

Your profile should be a good representation of your dealership.


Noun /ˈbīō/

Short message displayed on your profile about you and your twitter page.

RVSocialMedia’s bio: We teach RV dealers how to connect with their customers through social media. We provide helpful hints on how to promote dealerships in this new, social world.


Noun /trend’ing/

Topics that are being mentioned the most on the Twitosphere.

We hope that our new promotion starts trending on Twitter!


Noun /twit’o’sfi(ə)r/

The “world of Twitter.”

Dealers should not be intimidated by the twitosphere, but look at it as a great tool to reach their market!

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