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A very speedy guide to Twitter.

A very speedy guide to Twitter.


What is Twitter?

A platform where users can share their thoughts in 140 characteristics or less. Users can see and share information with each other by “following” one another.


What is a “Tweet”?

A piece of information/thought that is shared.


How do I Tweet?

  • @ – You can reference other twitter users by using the @ symbol followed by their twitter handle (username).
  • RT or retweeting – you can RT tweets that you found funny or important that you can share with your own followers.
  • # – Hashtags allow you to instantly link whatever your hashtag is to like tweets with the same hashtag.
  • DM- Direct message you can privately send to a follower (140 characters of less)


How do I get started?

  1. Go to
  2. Create handle (username, will be displayed as @yourusername)
  3. Select a profile pic and write a short bio to reflect who you are
  4. Start by listening.  Find quality people to follow and observe how they interact (listen, listen, listen!).
  5. Craft your voice and interact

“The bottom line: Be authentic and true to your values and you’ll quickly become a valuable member of the Twitter community.” –The Beginners Guide To Twitter


A few Twitter accounts your dealership should follow:

For a complete guide to Twitter, check out The Beginners Guide To Twitter 

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