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The Facebook Dictionary

Facebook Words

With all of the Facebook lingo that gets thrown around, some of us need a guide to translate.  Here’s a quick listing of Facebook definitions to make your interactions crystal clear.


Noun /ˈkäment/

A post on your Facebook wall; a remark on a post, picture, or other postings on your Facebook. John left a comment on our Facebook wall saying that he was excited to go camping in the RV he just bought from our dealership. 


To comment. Comment on our campsite photo & win a free night stay at a KOA Kampground.  


Noun /fāsbo͝ok/

Social networking website established in 2004. Facebook is a great place to interact and connect with your RV customers!


The act of engaging on Facebook. I facebooked the pictures from last weekend’s sales event. Many of our customers facebook us to tell me about how much they like their RVs!


Noun /frend/

Someone on your list of contacts on Facebook. We love being friends with our customers, it makes it easy to update them on our best deals on RV accesssories.


To add someone as a friend (or contact) via Facebook. We friended all the people we met at last weekend’s RV show in Colombus.


Noun /gro͞op/

A number of Facebookers linked together through a page so that they can share common information of relevance with each other. We created a new dealer group so that we can share social media ideas on Facebook!

Instant Message

Verb /ˈinstənt/ /ˈmesij/

A form of real-time direct messaging between two or more people via Facebook. It’s nice to instant message with RV contacts for quick communication.



Finding something posted on Facebook agreeable or favorable and clicking the “like” button. I love seeing pictures of failed ads on HuebnePetersen’s Facebook Page, so I like them all!


Measurement of how good a post is on Facebook. Our recent post about the Jayco Toolbox received 37 likes!


Noun /ˈmesij/

A form of email via your Facebook account. I like when I receive messages from customers who want to give personal feedback about their RV buying experience.


Noun /ˈn(y)o͞ozˌfēd/

A stream on your homepage on Facebook that lists your friends and groups top stories. We check our Facebook newsfeed everyday to see posts from our customers.


Noun [noh-tuh-fi-key-shuhn]

A form of informing you that you have been interacted with on Facebook. We had 13 notifications that about our recent RV sales event!


Verb /pōk/

Alerting someone on Facebook by pressing the “poke” button. (This will show up on their homepage). We poked some of our employees to bring their attention to our dealership’s Facebook page!


Verb /pōst/

Displaying something onto Facebook. We love posting fun stories and articles about camping for our customers to enjoy.

Profile Picture (noun)

Noun /ˈprōˌfīl/ /ˈpikCHər/

The most attractive photo you have to represent your Facebook page. Go RVing has a profile picture that features the open road and their easy-to-read logo.  


Verb /səbˈskrīb/

To arrange to regularly see a certain Facebook page’s information and stories on your newsfeed. I subscribed to Woodalls after liking them on Facebook so I can be constantly updated on new ideas and products.  


Noun /ˈtīmˌlīn/

Facebook’s new format that allows you to navigate easier through past months and years. It was fun to look at your RV dealership’s timeline and see the different promotional events that you have done in the past. 


Noun /wôl/

The place on your Facebook page where you and your friends can post comments, pictures and information to share. We love when customers post to our dealership’s wall.   

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