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Turning virtual traffic into real customers.

Customer Traffic

One of the most powerful outcomes when you use social media regularly is the virtual following you have. There are so many opportunities to communicate with your followers and entice them to visit your dealership. Social Media is a perfect way to tell people the perks of visiting your location. Here are a few ideas on how to turn your virtual traffic into actual customers in your dealership.

  1. Have a special promotion. Everybody loves a good deal. When you hold a special promotion and advertise on your Social Media outlets, you will likely have more visitors. Remember to make it conversational when you promote a sale. Ask your followers “Are you coming into our dealership this weekend for our annual sale? It is going to be big!”
  2. Host a charity event. Even people who follow you, but wouldn’t necessarily walk into your dealership, won’t pass up the opportunity to help a good cause. There are many ways you could donate to charity but also bring in traffic. For example, broadcast through your Social Media that for every person that comes to your dealership this weekend you will donate $1 to a specific charity. Or say that x% of your profits one week will go toward a certain non-profit organization.
  3. Advertise a contest. People love the thrill of winning. Hold a raffle. Have a BBQ cook-off. Host a family game day. Remember, the prize doesn’t have to be too huge or extreme. The idea is more about providing people with something fun and interesting to do on the weekend that giving away an extravagant prize. Promoting these kinds of contests on your Social Media outlets will not only bring in customers but it will show the fun personality of your dealership.

Remember to show your Social Media followers what your dealership has to offer without making them feel like they are being advertised to. In the end, you want to meet, in person, the people that you communicate with over Social Media. You don’t necessarily want to make a sale that day, rather you want to develop a relationship and potentially gain a lead. If you have this mentality when promoting your dealership, then you will find yourself with loyal and valuable customers.

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