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What To Write: Camping Packing List.

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One of the hardest aspects when using Social Media is coming up with new content that engages your followers. Coming up with new ideas on what to write every day can be a job in itself. In our “What To Write” series we try to give a few ideas on how to get your content going.

An easy way to create content is to form a theme then occasionally post something off of that theme. For example, use a camping packing list as your theme. Remember to not only make comments, but also ask questions. Here are some posts you you could build around packing for camping:

  1. If you go camping this weekend make sure to pack extra blankets. It is supposed to be chilly!
  2. What is one item that you can’t live without while camping?
  3. Packing lots of hot dogs and marshmallows for this weekend’s camping trip. Can’t wait for some good campfire food!
  4. Quick poll: What is the perfect way to cook a marshmallow? A. Barely heated, just a little warm B. A good medium, with a little brown all over C. It’s not a campfire marshmallow without some char!
  5. Camping list for this weekend: Hiking boots. Check. Backpack full of trail mix. Check. Lots of sunscreen. Double check.
  6. If you go camping this weekend make sure to pack a tank top and sandals. It is going to be beautiful weather!
  7. At our dealership we are debating whether or not popcorn is a camping list necessity. What do you think?
  8. When you go camping, do you bring your own firewood or chop it up lumberjack style?
  9. Quick poll: What beverage would we find in your camper’s refrigerator? A. Lemonade, there is nothing like a refreshing drink on a relaxing camping weekend B. Water, with an active camping weekend like ours, it is important to stay hydrated C. Soda, camping is a party for us and it’s not a party without Coca-cola!
  10. If you go camping this weekend be sure to pack an umbrella. It will be rainy, but there is nothing more soothing than hearing the soft raindrops on the roof of your camper!

photo by J. Paxon Reyes

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