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What to write, edition #238

Social Media topics for winter

The leaves have fallen and the cold weather is setting in. Winter isn’t far off on the horizon and the RV business (for most of the continent) is starting to slow down. It might be the off season, but that just means that it’s time to really focus on your dealership’s social media plan! It’s time to brainstorm and sharpen your social media writing skills!  To help you get started (or to help you continue what you already have going) here are a few topic ideas that capitalize on the change of seasons:

  • What is winterization and why is it important for my RV?
  • Tweet about openings for service and winterization appointments.
  • Write about what makes a good storage site for winter.
  • List out several of the RV storage options available in your area.
  • List out your best tips for winter camping and or RV traveling.
  • Make a list of winter RV destinations (Florida!).
  • What will your employees be dressing up as for Halloween? Any Halloween events going on at your dealership?
  • Put together holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) promotions geared specifically for social media.
  • Provide a list of RV accessories to help your “snowbirds” travel to warmer climates.  Offer coupons for a few of them!
  • Post pictures favorite “RV getaways” for winter

The weather makes it seem like it’s time to hibernate, but it’s not!  Even in winter, the social media possibilities really are endless.

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