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Integrating email & social media.

After posting last week about the importance of collecting addresses and the advantages of email marketing (here), we thought that we’d share a great article, the “7 top tips to integrate email with social media” to help get your brain churning even more!

These two forms of marketing (email and social media) can join forces to help your dealership get the most out of both of them!  Check out this article, “7 top tips to integrate email with social media” (by Tink Taylor) for some great and practical ideas on how to combine social media and email marketing efforts.

Integrating your email campaigns with your social media program

Our favorite tips from the article:

1.  Include ‘share on social network’ links in your email messages.

This makes it easy for your email readers to share the content they find valuable.  If you make it easy for someone to share, they’re more likely to do it (and sharing is what it’s really all about)!  Add “share” buttons to content and links you focus on in your email efforts.  AND, if you don’t already, make sure that you have these same share buttons on your blog.  Make it easy to share every piece of content your dealership creates!

2.  Use blog posts as content for email newsletters.

A lot of people think that having a newsletter and a blog is going to be a lot of extra writing work, but that’s not always the case!  Get the most out of your writing by using it in multiple ways.  Feature your best blog posts in your email campaigns (and conversely highlight newsletter material on your blog).

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  1. Palak says:

    We can also do guest blogging,which brings lot of traffic and credit.It is the act of writing a piece of content for another website other than your own.

    The key to successful Guest Blogging is to get your content posted on recognized and popular authority blogs within your niche.


  2. [...] Feature your social media activity. In every email include links to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, blog, or YouTube channel.  If someone is reading an email [...]

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