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Collect those all-important email addresses!

Email marketing and collecting email addresses

For most RV dealers, summer is the busy selling season, the time when customer traffic is at it’s peak and the camping season is underway. It also happens to be a great time to collect your customer’s email addresses and build a list your dealership can use for the rest of the year (and years to come!).

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with customers. You’re not only reaching them where they are (on their computer or their phone) but you’re providing them with a dynamic message – giving them links, images, and a way to respond.  Best of all, you’ll save a ton of money doing by utilizing email marketing. In comparison to traditional marketing mediums, email marketing costs only a fraction (it’s way cheaper than print, TV, radio, or outdoor advertising).  To top it all off, email marketing campaigns provide fairly advanced tracking methods.  You can easily see who opened your email, how many times they opened it, what links they clicked on, when they clicked on links, and much more!  Email tracking provides important metrics for follow-up and marketing planning.

Today, we just want to remind you that the first step in being able to use email marketing effectively is to build an up-to-date list of your customer’s email addresses (you should not plan on buying or renting a list).  So, get on it!  Ask every prospect and every customers for their email addresses (We’re sure you can think of a tasteful way to do it)!

For more information on email marketing and the importance of recording all your customer’s and potential customer’s email addresses, click here.

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