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Nobody wants to be sold to.

Don't overload your RV prospects with a sales message

Without a doubt, social media is a powerful marketing tool for your RV dealership.  BUT, with that said, social media should not be used to push an advertising message.

The bottom line:

Nobody is checking their Facebook or visiting Twitter to be sold to, they’re not there to listen to “Sale!” “Buy!” “Visit today!” or “Shop now!”.  People in social media do not want to be inundated with sales messages.  People are on social media to connect and engage in conversation.

So, you might ask, “Without an advertising angle, how is social media a helpful marketing tool?”

Our answer:

Marketing, in it’s most basic form, is about finding out what a customer’s needs are and explaining your unique solution for meeting those needs.  Marketing in social media is no different.  Use social media to listen to your customers and prospects.  Find out what they’re talking about, what they need, and then offer solutions/help/recommendations/advice.  Use social media to become a resource for your customers, to establish a relationship, build trust, and help them with their RVing needs (whether it be camping advice, parts recommendations, service tips, or product knowledge)!

Social media allows you to differentiate your dealership on something other than price.  It allows you to capitalize on your dealership’s strengths, know-how, customer service,  and products.  In social media, you’re can actually communicate with customers and prospects, not just hit them with a sales message.

Social media is not meant for shouting sales messages.

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