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Still don’t know what to blog about?!

Are you still having trouble deciding what to blog about? Generating content for your readers is a stumbling block that everyone with a blog must overcome.  For RV dealers, we’re here to help!  Welcome to our latest edition of “what to blog about”.

Blog about the RV experience

Why not help your readers envision their perfect vacation and RV experience, as well as give them the necessary tools to plan it?  Here are a few blog post ideas you can use to get your readers thinking about their next remarkable RV get-away.

1.  Budget friendly RV trips

In a tight budget economy it’s hard for you and customers to imagine taking a wallet draining expensive vacation. Let your readers know that according to RVIA,  the “typical RV family vacations are on average 26 to 74 percent less expensive than other types of vacations”.

2.  Get back to nature

The national parks are a great place for a family-fun RV trip!

Talk about the cheap yearlong park pass offered by The National Park Service
Talk about America’s favorite National Parks

Talk about unique parks that might offer a one of a kind RV experience

3.  Spice up your time on the road

We all know that trips involving a lot of drive time get a little dull at times…especially if there are children involved, but you can offer your readers thousands of ways to make roadtrippin’ more entertaining.

  • 101 games to play with kids the road.
  • Create a list of possible sight seeing stops in your local area
  • Create a scavenger hunt for your family to look for while on the road
  • Make a list of the most entertaining books on tape that could engage an entire family
  • Offer a list of the top ten best toys for road tripping

4.  Packing for the perfect vacation

Provide your readers with helpful tips and packing lists for the road.  Everyone wants to make travel easier, show you audience how!  Give them lists of RV trip essentials, tips on what to pack and where to pack those items, come up with a great list for “vacation proofing” their homes.

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