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3 oft-overlooked ways to optimize Facebook

Get a Facebook page.

It sounds so easy, and it is.  Getting a page is no sweat, but then what?  We get this question quite often.  How do you make the most of your Facebook page?  There are tons and tons of different ways to “optimize” your dealership’s Facebook page, you just have to know them!  Here are three easy ways (easy, and so often skipped over) to increase the impact of your Facebook page.

1.  Make sure to invite your friends

How do you get fans for your dealership’s page?  You publicize your page to everyone you’re friends with on Facebook!  Invite your friends to be fans and if they accept, you’re page will show up in their new stream, so your friends’ friends will be exposed to your fan page.  The more exposure your page gets, the more fans you amass!

It’s easy to invite your friends. On your business page, under your logo area, click on “Suggest to Friends”

How to Suggest to Friends

A listing of all of your personal Facebook friends will come up; you can select everyone or just a few and then send them invitations to become fans.  Super easy, you will be adding fans in no time!

2.   Setup your unique Facebook URL

When you sign up and get your Facebook business page, you automatically get a crazy URL, something like

That nonsense doesn’t tell anybody what your page is about.  BUT, once you’ve accumulated 100 fans, you can change your URL.

As soon as you hit 40 fans, visit and click on “Set a username for your Pages”.  Here you can select your own username.  Go with something that advertises your dealership (like  Now you can use this URL in a variety of places and easily direct people you meet to your Facebook page.

3.  Post pictures

Nothing makes a Facebook page dynamic like images.  There are unique Facebook apps that can be added to your page to make adding images slick and easy!  One of our favorites, the Flickr app.  If you use Flickr click here to find the Facebook Flickr app.  This will allow you to seamlessly integrate your new Flickr uploads with your Facebook page.  If you do not currently use Flickr, learn more about Flickr here…it has great potential as a social tool for RV dealerships!

There are plenty more ways to optimize your dealerships Facebook page, and we’ll be sure to write about them soon — BUT, if you haven’t covered the three items we discussed today, that’s a great place to start!

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